Centennial College tastes victory over odors

AeraMax® Professional creates a cleaner environment

Because students in Centennial College’s health sciences labs needed to be outfitted with sophisticated face masks, a test of the masks’ seal involved spraying a bitter aerosol into the air so students could judge if they tasted it or not. The problem was, all that spraying day in and day out left the indoor atmosphere foul-smelling.

That is, until the Toronto-based school installed a portable AeraMax® Professional unit to remove the chemical and its odor from the air.

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“The system has eliminated virtually all of the smell and the (Bitrex) particles. We’re extremely pleased with the product.”

—Linda Ramage
Manager of Health Studies Labs
Centennial College
Toronto, Canada

Professional II
Easily cleans spaces up to
300 square feet
Professional III
Efficiently cleans spaces
from 300-700 square feet
Professional IV
Expertly cleans spaces
from 600-1400 square feet