White Paper
The Next Wave of Cleaning is Green.

In recent years, much more emphasis has been placed on creating green cleaning programs. Facility managers actively seek ways to not only diminish their facility’s environmental footprint, but to improve occupant health and well-being.

More and more companies are realizing the benefits of green cleaning. Now you can too with our latest whitepaper Change is in the Air: How Green Cleaning Protects the Environment and Health. It outlines the importance of developing a solid green cleaning program, as well as the steps to undertake—and succeed at—the task of green cleaning.

Beyond the environmental aspects of green cleaning, there are also health aspects to consider when implementing a green program. This is perhaps more important, as responsibly reducing pollutants—in the air and on surfaces—can have significant health impacts. Conversely, ignoring pollutants in the air and on surfaces can cause significant concerns.

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