They’re counting on you: Clean for Health and make a better workplace

Watch our On Demand Webinar to take your cleaning to the next level.

Cleaning for Health is changing the very way facility managers look at their jobs and day-to-day activities. Gain knowledge and insights at your own pace with our latest On Demand Webinar.

Cleaning for Health: What You’re Probably Missing

In this webinar, air quality expert Jeff Dryfhout explains growing occupant expectations of cleanliness in facilities, as well as how healthier and cleaner buildings provide a significant return on investment.

Learning objectives:

  1. The role of air in infection control and overall employee health and wellness.
  2. How to remove germs, allergens and odors to create a cleaner, healthier environment.
  3. The short- and long-term returns on investment of providing cleaner and healthier facilities for building occupants.

Bio: Jeff Dryfhout, Fellowes Brands® Global Director of Marketing, Air Treatment, champions efforts to improve indoor air quality within organizations as the next frontier in well-being. An MBA graduate of Pepperdine University, Jeff serves as an adjunct professor at his alma mater, Trinity Christian College, and serves on the school’s Business Advisory Council.